My Javita Lean + Green tea review!


This will be a shorter post, simply telling you what I think of Javita’s new Lean + Green tea! I made a post a while ago ABOUT the tea, and what it does, but when I wrote that post I hadn’t actually tried the tea for myself yet. I have now, and I would like to share my thoughts with you! Below you’ll see me rate and explain each aspect of the tea.

Taste: 4.8/5 stars. This was the most impressive part of the tea, for me. I was totally not expecting it to be such delicious green tea! I have always loved green tea, and I drink many different kinds of it. The best Green tea I have ever had was served at a Japanese sushi restaurant near my University campus, and the Lean + green tea is certainly a close second! My ONLY complaint about the taste is that not all of the powder seems to dissolve (as it is an instant tea) and so at the very bottom the tea gets sort of bitter as you get a bunch of undissolved dregs. But still better than some teas I’ve tried!

Smell: 5/5 stars! I’ve heard some people compare the smell of this tea to spinach, but I don’t get that at all. A huge part of enjoying any food or drink is the smell, and a stinky drink will be much less enjoyable than a nice smelling one. This tea definitely smells all-natural and herby, and I find it quite calming.

Immediate effect: 5/5 stars! I have not been drinking the tea for long enough to see if it has really accelerated my weight loss (I am drinking it with the coffee) but as for how I feel immediately afterwards, I am quite impressed. I feel immediately calmer and more focused after drinking the tea, and cravings seem to stop within a few moments. Last night when I had my lean + Green, I was craving lemon tarts like no one’s business. After drinking my tea, craving gone! And I realized I wasn’t really hungry either, just bored. So I saved some calories there! I also am sleeping very well since starting the tea, which is a huge plus.

All in all: 5/5 stars. This tea has impressed me even more than the coffee. I will be able to update soon on the effects it has on weight loss, but for now, I think I would be happy with this tea even if it did nothing for weight loss. I’m addicted, and I totally recommend it! :)

If you’re interested in ordering, visit my website:! :) 

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